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Recent Reviews

Tina Lake

* * * * Reviewed May 26, 2018

Friendly and knowledgeable staff great prices. I love the fact that they have coupons. Been doing business there for years

Alexis Smith

* Reviewed April 17, 2018

I will absolutely never come to this establishment again. I had a tune up done in January and my car wouldn’t turn over in March. I had my car towed to the shop and was told by the lady at the front desk I had blown 2 fuses and my spark plugs were fouled down. The mechanic that checked my car out said I was missing a fuse. This didn’t make sense to me because I had just had a tune up. After questioning the clerk and getting another mechanics opinion I decided to have my car towed to Biloxi where I am from. When I arrived to get my car I had parts on my back seat and fuses missing. Turns out they were indeed dishonest with me because all the mechanic from Biloxi did to get my car running was switch some relays and spray starter spray in the intake. I was also charged $96 for the diagnosis, when they initially didn’t put my parts back in and didn’t come back out the second time to explain where my fuses had been placed. Absolutely unacceptable considering I paid over $500 for my tune up including spark plugs, wires, cabin filter, air filter, radiator flush, etc just to deal with this

Tyler Calvert

* Reviewed February 1, 2018

Bad experience with Susan. Came in at 12:30 having to be back at work by 1:30.. I asked would I be finished by 1:30 and her response was “oh yes we will get you before then”. I came in to get an alignment and rotation which she told me at 1:00 o’clock will take and hour and a half. She knew this was over an hour job to do but had me waiting there an hour for no reason. She kept saying a girl would be back soon that could take me back to work while the work was done but the girl never showed. She then got a bad attitude with me when I asked about the situation saying am i calling her a liar? Nothing she told me was true within the hour I was wasting there. Be careful because this business isn’t professional if a desk secretary will get mad at customers because the stuff SHE told them did not happen.

Shanae Bennett

* Reviewed June 13, 2018

This place is Horrible customer service (Susan and owner Deborah)are horrible Attitudes are Ridiculous!!! I took my car in February I paid $756 in my car has been messing up since then, it is now June I have been back 3 times it's been making the same noise now all of a sudden something is causing it (but why didn't they tell me that the other 3 times) Always trying to get over on people because of the color of there skin I WOULDNT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE EVER!!!!!!

james mcmillian

* Reviewed May 15, 2018

Had stuff stolen out of my truck while under there care. Had rear-ended rebuilt has again gone out. I called them and they hung up on me. I would give them a -5 if I could