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Recent Reviews

Emily Holland

* * * * * Reviewed June 26, 2018

I want to brag on the service at Darby's, they have done A/C and tire work for me previously but this time I was very impressed. On my way to work I ran over a huge screw that punctured my tire. I made it to Darby's at 6:45, and my tire was done by 7:45. I was sure I would have to buy a tire but they were able to patch it for me for an extremely reasonable price. They were so kind to help me so early in the morning and get me back on my way so quickly. Their prices are also the best in the area, in my opinion. I highly recommend them and trust them with pretty much anything on my car.

Hunter Mitchell

* * * * * Reviewed July 11, 2018

Incredible service and great prices! First time using Darby's Tire and Auto service and I will not be going anywhere else after this. Friendly, fast and competitive prices. Honest evaluations and customer service is what you want when dealing with your car that you use everyday! Thanks for the great work!

Eugene Morgan

* * * Reviewed July 2, 2018

Had heard good things about this place and what they stand for how get you in and out. Was a little surprised when I went buy to ask about the blinkers not working on a 48 Ford I have that has digital dash and modernized and the young man behind counter said need to leave it for 3-4 days sight unseen. Seems a little extreme. Was looking for a local business to take my vehicles to. Guess I will keep looking!!!

Bob clapp

* * * * * Reviewed July 19, 2018

These guys are great. After being turned down by three other dealers when I was trying to buy a new tire for my travel trailer because I have "run flat" bands in my rims, Darbys said come on in, we'll work it out...and they DID. Thanks guys.

Matthew Olsen

* * * * * Reviewed December 12, 2017

After hunting for years for a good, honest AND CONSISTENT shop to take care of my cars, I’m happy to say I found it. Finally I have a place I can drop my car off at, it’ll get fixed for a fair price and be done in the time frame they specify. I’ve dealt with Hunter twice now, and both times I was treated very well. All this, plus my oil changes here are $5-10 less and the brake jobs were significantly less than anywhere else in town. Since these are the most common wear items, you’ll save serious money coming here. 5 stars are well deserved.