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Recent Reviews

Raine Hunter

* * * * * Reviewed July 29, 2018

The folks here are really nice. They give you great service at a great price! And they're not afraid to go above and beyond to make sure your tires are the way they should be.

Britt Thompson

* * * Reviewed July 31, 2018

I went here today to get an alignment, I had just recently replaced some front end parts myself and the only thing I couldn’t do was the alignment. This is the first time I have used this shop, and had decided to use them based on good reviews, since the shop I used to use changed ownership and started getting bad reviews. The reason I gave three stars is because the mechanic got my vehicle in spec, and seemed to know what he was doing, I’ve been to shops that would just give up on getting a vehicle in spec.But the reason they lost stars is because of the customer service. When I called to make an appointment the guy who answered the phone was friendly, quoted me the $69.95 for the alignment, but then said they had a $10 off alignment coupon out right now so it would be $59.95, so I set up an appointment to have it done. When I got there they weren’t super friendly but they were ok. I was concerned about how long it would take them to pull my vehicle in as I have made appointments at other shops before and my vehicle would sit there for 30min to an hour, but they pulled it right in, Great start! So after 10 min, the mechanic came in and went to one of the customer service people, and I knew they had found something else I would have to repair, so instead of just calling me up there to tell me what they had found the guy started writing up a quote for the repairs, which was unnecessary unless I said I wanted a quote, because I do my own vehicle repairs (I’m no mechanic ,but I can replace parts no problem). So before he even told me the price I asked him if they could do the alignment anyway because I had driven far to get there and I don’t want to keep putting odd wear on my tires, he said they could but no warranty on the alignment. He then walked over to me handed me a paper and said’ here is a quote for when you want to get that work done’ it was a $800 quote. they have a $75 hour labor rate? I walked into another shop recently that had a sign on the wall that said mechanical labor rates were $65 hour. Now that’s not competitive. The parts prices seemed really high also. When I was checking out the girl who checked me in had an attitude change for some reason, she wasn’t friendly anymore (now I had a headache so I wasn’t all smiles but that shouldn’t change how they act, and I wasn’t rude). When she told me what I owed which was $69.95 + tax ,all I did was tell her that the guy on the phone had quoted me $59.95 because there was a coupon out, she got really snippy and said “Well, I didn’t know that” in a nasty way, and I wasn’t snippy when I told her, (I figured she didn’t know), but if one person is telling people about the coupon shouldn’t they all be doing that? I had also asked for the before and after specs for the alignment to make sure they got it in spec, when she handed it to me she just stapled it to the back of my receipt and didn’t explain anything, so I asked why the caster was still out and she was snippy again and said’ there is no adjustment for that’. Ok fair enough I know some vehicles don’t have adjustment for certain things, but this was my first alignment on this vehicle since I had bought it, so I didn’t know, no need to get snippy! I was going to get a price quote for four tires and an alignment on my newer 2016 vehicle from them ,but that went out the window when they got snippy! So without a ‘have a good day’, or a ‘let us know if we can help you in the future’ from them, nope just silence, I left.Super fail on the customer service. So I probably won’t return to this shop!

Daniel Smith

* * * * * Reviewed September 5, 2018

Jason and his team are great. will be back for service in the future

Krystal Lutz

* * * * * Reviewed June 12, 2018

The people at Colony Tire are absolutely amazing. They tell it to you straight. They don't try and overcharge you or over sell their services. They are the only mechanic I will go to a New Bern.

Daymien Spencer

* * Reviewed August 31, 2018

The staff openly stated how they hated their job.