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Fred Judge

* * * * * Reviewed November 13, 2017

Great people. Good work.

Wally Hines

* * * * Reviewed February 28, 2017

They did an on the spot tire rotation for me as a new customer. Didn't have to set and wait forever. They got it in and done in no time at all. Nice clean place. Will be back when I need tires or vehicle work to see how they do.

john breckner

* * * * * Reviewed September 13, 2017

Good guys only place ill take my truck anymore

Anonymous Coward

* * * * * Reviewed June 5, 2016

Mechanics are some of the most trusted people in our lives, and many of them are hit-or-miss. Nelson's falls squarely into the "hit" category. These guys are some of the most honest mechanics I've ever met. I have had a chance to chat with many of the staff in the back as well, and even though I can perform most of my auto work myself, I am happy to take it to them when I don't have time to deal with it myself. They also don't treat women differently from men which is a common complaint I have heard about many local shops in the other places I've lived. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Carolina Pine Needles Pine Straw by Daniel

* * * * Reviewed October 26, 2016

Only place in town I didn't have to wait a week to set up an appointment for an alignment to get done.... Very nice!!