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Edwin Cruz

* Reviewed January 26, 2018

Trash place. I got charged $28 for mounting 2 tires which was reasonable price. I came back to mount my other 2 tires and another guy tried charging me $25 per tire making it $50 for 2 tires. I brought my receipt, so they should have mounted the other 2 for same price as other but they complain about tires being hard to put on when it literally took 15 min to install them. All they do is complain and overcharge when it comes to it. Wasn't my fault they charged me $28 and first so, the responsible thing to do was to charge $28 again and for next time pay attention. Never coming back. Guy wasn't even resonable with price.

delores davis

* * * * * Reviewed February 4, 2018

Very friendly staff, prices are fair and they work hard to fix your car in a timely fashion. Prices on the tires are the best compare to the places in town.

John Swinder

* Reviewed January 26, 2018

Workers are good, very friendly. Overheard one of the workers talking trash in the back. Was rude, overall good work, but they overcharge, won't be coming back.

Edwin Cruz

* Reviewed January 26, 2018

they are overpriced and charge $25 per tires to mount? $100 just to mount tires. They need new management, stupid guy on front desk didn't own up to previous charge and changed price up.

Linda Crabtree

* * * * * Reviewed February 21, 2018

Very helpful. Always able to work me in!