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Richard Mapes

* Reviewed December 4, 2017

1 hour after they took my car to change 1 tire the guy comes in the waiting room to tell me my car is done then tells me I could not change your tire because the only one we had has a hole in it so I put a plug-in your tire that I could not change so I thanked him for the plug in my old bald tire that will not pass inspection thanks for the hour and 30 minutes I just wasted. I have been going there with 3 cars for about 5 years but never again there loss.

Jawad Tahir

* * * * * Reviewed November 18, 2017

Enjoyed spending time with these guys, prices were reasonable and service was good. Highly recommended

James Smith

* * * * * Reviewed November 16, 2017

I go there to get tires for my truck and thay have good price on new ones I would send any one to there all thay do are tires check them out you will not be sorry.

Dan Cordero

* * * * * Reviewed October 13, 2017

Great service cheap price two nice guys that work there, stop by if you need used tires or new ones

christine Cunningham

* * * * * Reviewed June 23, 2017

Such amazing service!! I was there a half hour and got my 2 front tires replaced and it wasn't too expensive! Definitely recommend!