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* Reviewed May 19, 2018

I Took some scrap metal there, first load was fine second load check was a few dollars short from the first load no problem I understand that a small weight difference 3rd check was even significantly lower than the second Were talking almost $100.00 difference So i went back loaded more on the next load then the previous thinking more weight more $ right since it's according to weight right? It only makes sense Wrong!!!! loaded more weight and check was even lower than previously with more weight And check printed lower then what the PC screen said I asked how could this be out of curiosity just so I understood how it works they said that's what the scale says I know what u might thinking this might be normal and it depends on what scrap I brought in right ? Well heres the problem I brought in some appliances all the same make year and model and even color and no one was riding with me and same number appliances on each load except for the last load which I squeezed one more in So how can there be a major diff and price goes down each load after the first with the same number app on each load as the 1st load only 30 min apart They said it's by weight and that's what the scale says its only common sense all same make and model appl. Same quantity on each load major difference on check only 30 min time between loads and the day before also I guess I'm an idiot not a big deal just wanted to share my experience that's all

Shana Marie.S.

* * * * * Reviewed July 15, 2018

Good customer service. Great for finding car parts!


* Reviewed June 2, 2018

HORRIBLE customer service. Whoever answered the phone had an immediate nasty attitude and talked to me like I was bothering him while inquiring information about the business. I will never consider them.

Greg Jones

* * * * * Reviewed March 14, 2018

Cleanest scrap yard I have been in and everyone that works there is very friendly.

Robert Homman

* * * Reviewed September 14, 2017

Good prices on parts. Customer service marginal. Webpage says they unload scrap steel. No one ever came to offer any help. Scap metal price marginal. Could have made more going to Mt. Vernon (I live right between newark and Mr. Vernon).