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Recent Reviews

Ruby Dobbertin

* Reviewed July 29, 2018

Came into this shop on Saturday, July 21st. Pulled up and was on my way into office when one of the employees stopped and asked if he could help me. I said i was just needing an oil change when he looked at the clock and said "we close in 10 minutes". Mind you the oil change bay was empty. Just simply turned away business just like that. I emailed the shop also, no response. I will NEVER come back there and will make sure no one i knows does either.

Blake Lee

* Reviewed May 14, 2018

I have used them only 3 times and I had my oil changed there all 3 times. Never a issue, that being said the 3rd time that I took my car there immediately after the service both of my rear struts began to leak which in my experience being that I was a mechanic for many years one of the oldest tricks that mechanics used to do was to either create a leaking valve or to squirt oil onto shock or struts to get more money out of customers. It's honestly kind of comical that both of my rear struts would start to leak immediately after taking it there to be serviced. Just so anyone else who goes there knows parts do not wear evenly. The odds of two parts that are identical going bad at the same time is extremely unlikely dependent on they're function. Internal engine parts more likely. Suspension parts like struts not so much. Maybe my struts just went bad at the exact same time that happened to correlate with me having my oil changed. I just don't honestly believe that this is the case. When I called to voice my displeasure without cursing or being verbally abusive in any way the person that I spoke to which wouldn't give me they're name continued to get an attitude about how they know that shocks and struts do leak and that it is possible that I just need to have them replaced and basically talk to me like I don't know what I'm talking about. Given the fact that I'm now going to have to spend my day replacing my rear struts and that I will be out the $300 for the new struts that did not have any problem or leak before Friday when I had my oil changed. I'm not very happy with the service there. I hope no one else has an experience like this. I won't be using Quality tire anymore. Things like this are exactly why I have always serviced my own vehicles.

David Kuhn

* Reviewed June 4, 2018

Long story short took my truck there wasn’t running right they told me pcm was bad 3 weeks later they say they can’t figure it out go figure 1100 dollars later took it to Larry’s auto in catoosa were they have state of art equipment 6 hours later truck was fixed and they fixed qualities cut wires and fixed them right all I am saying don’t get screwed by technicians that are not take your stuff to Larry’s in catoosa truck was fixed for 233 and only 8 dollars for new wiring

Open Mic Night

* * * * * Reviewed April 24, 2018

This is definitely a great place to go for all those small mechanical needs like tires, oil changes, wheel alignments, etc. The staff are friendly (who'd have thought a shop would have friendly people?), they'll cater to your needs, and I've even had them work with me on fitting in with my budget. I trust them because one time I put my vehicle in to get worked on and it kinda' got shoved to the side for various reasons, but I had to get the vehicle so I took it elsewhere and was quite upset with them, but they were empathetic to my situation, admitted they were at fault, and they took care of me with oil changes, which I was NOT expecting. They're local too and you can't beat that. If you go to Wal-Mart, your money does NOT stay in Owasso. If you go here, you'll pay about the same (and in many cases much less) and you can rest assured knowing you're supporting a local business that will further support the Owasso economy. I highly recommend you check them out and stop in for your next oil change or tire swap. Tell 'em Tim sent you ! (I was not paid to write this review and am in no way affiliated with their shop other than being a paying, loyal customer)

Sean Campbell

* Reviewed March 5, 2018

I usually have a 3 strike policy. The first two strikes are for mistakes or “oopsies.” The last strike is usually when the oopsies are normalized because they are accepted. I experienced more strikes than I can count and excuses for “mechanic problems.” I don’t care about excuses. I expect someone to take full responsibility about it when execution is dropped. Just say, “I’m really sorry” and leave it at that. However, I unfortunately didn’t experience that. I listened to a manager give excuses and then blame his mechanic/members of his team. Obviously, it’s a clear sign of poor management... and poor management leads to poor results, which is exactly what I experienced. I experienced delayed service, by a couple days. I was told when my car would be ready three times and that I would receive phone calls. Three times my car was not ready and I received one phone call. To me, I felt lied to and “led on.” I felt like my time was wasted and not respected. There was Poor or no communication about the work being done and the deadlines. Literally, I received one phone call for work that took 5 days and had several delays. I was told I’d be called back on several occasions and received no calls. So I called and followed up. Once my car was “finished,” I respectfully asked the management to show me the work just to make sure it got done. I shouldn’t have to ask for this, especially after a bad experience. If your customer has already experienced broken trust, you should do everything in your power to earn it back or at least make attempts to earn it back. The cherry on top was when I was told that I’d receive a price bump for inconvience... I received $30 dollars off for the 4 extra days I spent with just one vehicle. I guess when you spend over $1000, not to mention when you’re a regular customer and take all of your cars there for oil changes and maintenance, then a $30 discount is worth a lot. Next time, I will wait for the other more expensive mechanic because I know the work will be done right, I’ll be over-communicated with, and I’ll be given fair communication if mistakes or delays are made.