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Nicholas Harvey

* Reviewed May 15, 2017

About a week ago I dropped our truck off. They tell me it will be about an hour to have our passenger window, motor replaced. 4.5 hours later I receive a phone call saying they ordered the wrong part and they will have it In tomorrow. Almost a week later I received another phone call saying the parts where finally in. At this point I had already ordered the parts myself. Frustrated I go back to get the motor and regulator they had removed so I could have the bolts for the new one, I had ordered. At first they didn't want to give the parts back and then they had the nerve to charge us for doing absolutely nothing. This has been the worst experience I have ever had with a shop. Normally I always do my own work but I was on a deadline to have it fixed. All they did was mess my truck up and then make me pay to get the original parts back without even fixing my truck. Worst Automotive Shop I have ever been to. They mark up there parts and make you pay for their mistakes. I absolutely DO NOT Recommend Stroud Tire for any Automobile Work.

Ethel Schiller

* * * * * Reviewed August 19, 2016

Absolutely amazing caring crew!! They have and will above and beyond the call of duty!! They work with u and 4 u when its convenient 4 u and not necessarily 4 them!! And they r honest and caring, which is hard 2 find in a business!! And very reasonable prices!! Wonderful business! Every1 should give them a try, and you'll b hooked 4 life!! ;-)

Shannan Mashburn

* * * * Reviewed January 20, 2018

Always friendly and fast

Kelly McCauley

* * * * * Reviewed June 30, 2017

They got my tire changed in less than 15 minutes! Thanks guys!!!😀

Kendra Gordon

* * * * * Reviewed October 6, 2017

Always respectful and never a long wait