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Maxwell Davenport

* Reviewed March 30, 2018

Well had an appointment, showed up 15 min early. Was told they were running behind about 20 minutes and I said no big problem. An hour and a half later after my scheduled appointment I asked for my keys and left. The customer service was lacking and whats the point of scheduled appointments if you can not manage time. I do not know about the rest of the area, but i have appointments based on other things throughout the day. So this one thing throws off the whole day and I do not have time to sit here for half a day waiting for tire express to figure out what time management is. Customer service was non existent, could have at least talk to customers and given them updates on the situation. This was my first time at tire express and ultimately my last one as well. In the grand scheme of things, does tire express care if I come back, probably not. Their are plenty of more auto shops looking for business in this town so I can choose someone else. I write this review to inform others in the area and let them know of what to expect even with a scheduled appointment. I also feel as tire express has wasted an hour and a half of my day that I can at least inform others and make something positive out of a negative thing.

Nathan Young

* * * * * Reviewed June 29, 2018

Always fast and good service. Never a complaint.

Jessica Perine

* * * * Reviewed July 6, 2018

Couldnt get my alignment done do to other problems

Jake Cahall

* * Reviewed May 17, 2018

Not a trustworthy place if they think they can get an extra dollar from you. Sadly they charged me 25 dollars for a single tire mount and an alleged tire balance that wasnt on my receipt. I thought that was high, so i called them the next day. "Yes, tire mounts and balances are only 20 unless you have a special tire." I do not. Caught red handed and you can get cheaper tire balances and mounts at other local places. They are getting bad reviews over 5 dollars. Sad.

Darlene Kelly

* * * * * Reviewed June 2, 2018

Been dealing with for over 18yrs. Friendly, fast and know what they are doing.