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Recent Reviews

Jacob Johnson

* * * * * Reviewed November 3, 2017

Super good with all my repairs I have a fleet and send them 3 trucks a week and they treat me good I have never had a problem with the repairs. Knowledge is power and they are powerful

Bradley Nilsen

* Reviewed September 28, 2017

I brought my truck to these guys after hearing they were the authority in the area on 90's models Ford 7.3 Turbodiesels. I had several issues with my truck and trusted these guys to fix them. Come to find out they fixed next to nothing. They dropped my rear fuel tank (after making them aware I was having an issue with the front one). Then never bothered to notify me that the line for the front fuel tank was completely disconnected. Nor did they notify me that the previous owner of the truck I have had rigged up some BS pre-filtering system that was also causing a problem. I don't know what they call a mechanic, but it isn't one I trust. Waste of time, waste of over $800. 1/10 would not do business with again. Next time, if you're fixing a vehicle, notify the customer of other problems that you find before telling them to spend a lot of money.

Erick Wiggs

* * * * Reviewed November 30, 2016

First time to take my 2500 Duramax here. Had a strange electrical problem causing the ECM to shut down. Very thorough in their inspection, and very willing to talk to you about the process. Decent price too considering they had my truck for close to a week. Caution: they won't call you until they have something to tell you, so if you're a worrier you'll have to call them. 10 out of 10 I'll be back to get my truck serviced by them again.

Gary Wilson

* * * * * Reviewed November 26, 2017

Penny PA

* * * * * Reviewed October 24, 2017