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Recent Reviews

Chris Blanton

* * Reviewed August 28, 2018

Went in to get my flat fixed and also my tires balanced as there was some wobble in my back right wheel that I presumed to be related to some balancing issue. They ended up balancing and rotating my tires as he couldn't discern the issue with the wobbling. He sat me down and said it might have something to do my suspension in the front for $99. The issue wasn't with my suspension, nor was the problem with the front in the first place. The issue is most likely related to the tire itself, since they rotated them and the wobble is with the same tire previously, but now in the front. The fact they're pressing me for more spending on obviously the wrong issue makes me skeptical of their competence or just outright dishonesty.

j shoemo

* * * * * Reviewed May 4, 2018

Quick diagnosis by friendly and knowledgeable staff. Car was in, repaired and ready much faster than I expected (few days!). Check them out for car repairs. Small parking area....

Benjamin Schweiss

* * * * * Reviewed April 23, 2018

Finally! A mechanic I can trust. I called the dealership for my brand car in the area and was told I couldn’t get an appointment for over a week. McSpadden was close to home and I’d heard good things before so I gave them a shot. They got me in first thing in the morning, called me two hours later with a breakdown of my breakdown and what it was going to cost me. They also checked everything else over and let me know what else I need to keep an eye on and get fixed soon. Got my SUV back the same day, bad coil pack replaced, spark plugs changed and my throttle body cleaned and back to running like it should! I’ll definitely be visiting McSpadden if (when) my car’s check engine light comes back on.

Alando McFarlin

* * * * * Reviewed August 14, 2018

Great job. Fast and friendly!

Devon Mckoy

* * * * * Reviewed February 28, 2018

Excellent service. They were very professional. They cleaned my car nicely too after the repairs. I'd use this place again, and I'd recommend them to my friends