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Graceful Renew

* * * * * Reviewed February 1, 2018

This was my first time here and I left pleased. I came in for an oil change was out fairly quickly. The quick turn around is not a guarantee for my next visit but their high level of customer service and complimentary water and coffee made a possible extended wait worth it. One thing I definitely wanted to highlight were the number of returning customers and many left happy. They are doing something right.

Shawn Stephens

* * * * * Reviewed November 9, 2017

Tried out this place after reading some good reviews. I spoke with Baker who custom priced the tire I needed for my situation. For the average person who needs tires, or wants especially nice ones too, GO HERE FOR GREAT WORK! For the person who is a tire nut and knows to the 't' what they want and like to work with a Fantastic Installer, see these guys. Baker is so honest and willing to help and gives very sound, wise advice. The installation is the some of the best I've ever seen, perfect work and importantly-- my wheels don't have a single mark on them, and the balance is ideal. Thank you Baker and the Tire Store for being so kind and helpful! See these guys! Trust me its worth your time.

Wanda Brown

* * * * * Reviewed February 13, 2018

I've been taking my car here for service since 2012....they are awesome.. they Don't fix something , then break something else for you can come back...this place is very honest..and tell prices are very reasonable.... thanks for always taking care of my car!!!!

Jasmin Ali

* * Reviewed January 12, 2018

Incredibly nice people, honestly amazing! Thank y'all for the service. BUTTTT..... I asked for brake pads because that's what I budgeted for and I know I needed...I ended up with brake pads and rotors without asking, which is not acceptable. Honest mistake I'm sure, but this is for anyone who reads this, make sure whatever you asked for is done is what's being done. Because most people don't have extra money to spend on the spot or the time for them to take the parts off and put the old ones back on. Again, nice people but niceness does not replace the money I spent for something I didn't want and I wasn't asked to get. Thanks for the service

B Perry

* * * * * Reviewed February 24, 2018

Quick and easy. Had front brakes done with tire rotate and balance. Car is back to driving and stopping smoothly. Will go back again. The price was great too!