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Tomika Whitehead

* Reviewed December 11, 2017

I use to love this place. I went to get 2 tires.... One I have to keep putting air in it every 2 days.... So annoying. I took it in and they supposedly took it off checked it and told me they saw nothing wrong. Still too this day I'm putting air in it every 2 days so yes something is wrong with it. I was planning to go back for 2 more tires, but I'm not. I'm very disappointed as I truly loved this place and has bought tires here often and sent tons of customers. I felt like he should of changed my tire and gave another one. Very surprised that they would give me a bad tire.

Donna Deslauriers

* * * * * Reviewed July 29, 2017

Tod and Gary are happy people the place has a great aura.. My used tires look brand new and the where quick! The tire tech was specific and .armed what tires went in the front since I brought in just 4 rims.. Thanks guys for hooking me up.. Gary is a great comedian as well .. I will be back I am a Happy customer .

April Falcon

* * * * * Reviewed December 29, 2017

Was very satisfied with All 4 used tires.... In good shape

Childress Family

* Reviewed August 30, 2017

Called up and ordered a tire from here. They ordered my tire and scheduled me to come in. When I arrive the guy tells me they don't install the tires even though the side of the building says free installs free balancing. Web site says free installs. Had to put tire I just bought in my back seat with my 4 year old daughter and take it to another tire shop to install. Not very good customer service. Very disappointed. Waste of time.

BuckWild m

* * * * Reviewed January 2, 2018

I thought the place was great the guys were very helpful