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Recent Reviews

Keaten Terry

* * * * * Reviewed December 24, 2018

Had a flat late afternoon the Sunday before Christmas. Other 24/7 shops in the area were not open or even available for call. Dimas at D&E stayed and waited for me to arrive, then helped me get on a new tire to make it 3 hours back to Houston. Honest man and charged an honest price. There was absolutely no nickel and diming as other places often do. I was very glad to pay him more than he asked for the good work. 5 star. Would 100% recommend.

Jenny Smith

* * * * * Reviewed January 26, 2019

Stopped because we had a flat tire on boat trailer and no spare. The guy was Super nice and got us back on road asap.

Wayne Liles

* * * * * Reviewed January 5, 2019

Well I have been blessed by dimus leija he has given me a place to stay at a job although temporarily I am thankful he is an excellent person he is fair he prices the tires for cars and trucks very very fair and the services of mounting and repairs and flat stitched patches plugs so on and so forth he also does oil changes grease jobs and all on big trucks that he is and many other services is a fine gentleman good Christian and I will miss him dearly when I leave here shortly but it has been a pleasure and enjoyable experience knowing him working for him working with him working alongside of him I can think of no better man to recommend cuz you need used car tires are used truck tires and some used tires


* * * * * Reviewed December 12, 2018

If you happen to be around I 45 and exit 228B Corsicana and you have a blowout tire at late night and cold as hell and rain, this is the place you can go They have a huge tire selection and a great guy always at the place 24 hours I’m so happy with them

Wayne Lee Liles Jr

* * * * Reviewed December 10, 2018

Well let's see what was my experience with beef with D & e Tire repair? it's also a trucking company that hauls in dumps belly dumps and such we do car tires truck tires. Oh did I forget to tell y'all I am the live on property security I am tire repair man I am a somewhat mechanic. And I've been blessed with this opportunity and the friendship of my picture on which is demis the owner. I look forward to maybe spending the rest of my years right here happy tinkering selling occasional Tire mounting a few degrees and trucks and such we will be expanding if dimas allows me to stay here? occasionally I make mistakes I'm old I'm out of shape out of practice but I'll try hard and he knows it he's very good Christian man a friend like you may go through your whole life and only find in your last year's as I am he's a guardian angel just like another friend EDD Roberson and Mrs Sandra wood and also my buddy Timmy and his wife Frances a carpenter that I met I'm up remodels houses. But this place is like an old chunk of coal and I am working on a daily and nightly to turn it into if not a diamond then maybe a rhinestone haha. But nice pflueger open 24 hours a day here if I'm asleep all you had to do was call or not I'll be up do what I can to help get you going