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johnny mantx

* Reviewed August 29, 2017

Took a flat tire there to check for damage. I had removed the tire and drove there in another car. First he told me I drove when it was flat and damaged the tire. I never drove on the flat. Then he wanted to know the make of the car. After telling him he claimed that type of car wears tires out. He never actually checked the tire for any damage and then returned it without ever checking to see if it could be repaired. I asked him to put air and now the tire works fine again. It was all an attempt to get me to buy another tire.

Ryan Keener

* Reviewed July 8, 2017

This place is a rip off now. The other review is right - if you act like you have money they raise the prices on you. Tried to sell me some Bridgestone Duelers 275/55/20 for $80. When I told him the tires brand new are $157(he said they are $220+). So I had to see these $80 used ties(wanted to check tread). He brings them over and they have at best 40% tread left and look like they have been on their side with stagnant water for a while. After I show him on my phone multiple places to get that same tire for $157 he says okay they are $80. The funny thing is I bought the same brand of tires from the same guy 4/5 months ago for $50. That's why I went back to them. Never again! Too bad the people that buy their tires do not read reviews. There are plenty of used tire shops around with just as "good" of tires for $30.

Pamishia Cook

* Reviewed September 8, 2017

Horrible customer service! When asked about pricing, a worker named Devontae, said $65 bucks for a used tire and discount tire was charging $54 for a new one for the same size. When I told the representative that, he walked off and went into the office. After waiting 10 mins, I walked over to him and asked if there were other options and he said call the number on the sign. After calling the number on the sign, I was informed to go to Discount Tire. So much for supporting local businesses. Please don't waste your time going here.

Victor Ramirez

* * * * * Reviewed September 22, 2017

I went in, and I was out in about 15 minutes, with two very good used tires, practically new. Service was excellent

Denesha Culberson

* Reviewed August 18, 2017

This place is a rip off...the guy called me back after my call didnt go through. Then he ask me what size.. I told him he saide $50 flat...then when i pulled up he changed it to $80 flat said i need another tire and an alignment? This place needs to be shut down. There is a lot of fraud going on? America why? Dont come here ever....listen to me.