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Recent Reviews


* * * * * Reviewed April 10, 2018

I had a tire that had a nail. When I pulled in, I was greeted by one of the workers. He was very polite. I told him that I had a nail in the tire. He inspected the tire and showed me that there were two nails in the time. He then did a leak test and the second nail was not through the tire and removed it. He patched the one nail and had me back on the road in 15 min. I was very pleased with the service. I will return when I need flats repaired.

Devon Moore

* Reviewed July 2, 2018

I just called to get a quote. The lady over the phone could not understand me. A guy took over the phone. He was EXTREMELY rude to me. He act as if he did not want to talk to me. I asked for the address he told me to go online and find it and hung up. I WILL NOT DO business with them.

Ra'Ahn Jackson

* Reviewed June 7, 2018

I called this establishment and was given a price by a guy name Alex of 40$ when I got to the tire shop another guy told me I was giving the wrong price and it was $64.95 when I told him to call Alex he came out and stood in my face and lied and said he didn’t say $40. this is the worst place ever to get a tire from. Places like this should be shut down for taking advantage of customers. Alex will soon see how it is to be lied to and its not going to feel good so I hope your ready since you all thought it was funny. Karma will hit you and you won’t like it.

Christopher W. Jarvis

* * * * * Reviewed April 28, 2018

Life saver several times! Used tires with good tread at good prices. And they are fast in & out service. Very polite & knowlegable on the correct tires for your car. They have rims & new tires too!


* Reviewed May 20, 2018

Agustine Montoya, I would like to schedule time to meet with you at your soonest convenience, to discuss the tragic nightmare I’ve been experiencing since the evening of Friday May 18,2018 after coming into your business located on 2726 Frankford Road for what I believed would be a simple patch on the rear passenger tire if my vehicle. Please reach out as soon as possible. Sincerely -Your business put my children’s life in danger!