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bigcountrytomas tomas

* * Reviewed February 16, 2018

Never gives same price. Go in at different time and gives you a higher price. 2 stars only because there knowledge is correct. And customer friendly.

Justin King

* Reviewed January 3, 2018

Nothing like buying rims for the 1st time (1yr ago.) Just for them to place the wrong load tires on your car. Now I still have to buy new tires because no one patch the wrong size tire. So much for being experts at your own craft.

Ali Gam

* * * * * Reviewed February 6, 2018

Got a good deal on my wheels and tires at this location! Very competitive pricing as well! Got my lift kit done in 1 day!

David Al

* * * * * Reviewed February 6, 2018

Wow! Came in just for a flat repair and left with a new set of wheels and tires! Paid $40 down and am rolling on a brand new set of wheels! Excellent Service!!

Eddie Money

* * * * * Reviewed January 24, 2018

These guys are the bomb, will have your vehicle done in a hurry and done correctly the first time!!