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Chopper Chandler

* * * * * Reviewed January 27, 2018

I always bring my car's here. Great prices and service

Eriberto Martinez

* Reviewed September 27, 2017

I was advised from the dealer I bought my truck from to bring it to this shop for any warranty repairs... I took it in for transmission shift issues. (06 cummins) I kept calling every week to get an update on the truck and the lady at the front desk would tell me different things everytime I called. I kept calling Jorge the owner of the shop and he would tell me different things as well. Finally after a month and a half later they told me the transmission was out of the truck and they were waiting to hear from the warranty department "to see if the repair was going to be covered". So to speed the process up I called warranty and they told me they haven't heard from the shop in months. So I decided to go to the shop to see what was going on with the truck and he had the truck parked in the same spot where I had dropped it off with dust all over the windows where he had it sitting so long. At this point it has been over two months, he finally told me that he didn't know what was wrong with my truck.. it took them 2+ months to tell me that ! So I asked him what all had been done in those two months and he said he changed the "transmission solenoids" and the "oil pressure regulator switch" He said he had to remove the transmission oil pan and valve body to get access to the sensor. Keep in mind that I'm a Technician myself at a freightliner dealership so I know what is going on. I got under the truck and noticed the transmission oil pan bolts were covered in grease, and could tell he was lying. I asked for him to show me the old sensor and he said he didn't have it. After catching him in so many lies I decided to take the truck to another shop that knew what they were doing and pay out of my pocket. And to finish it off, when I asked for my keys they had locked them inside the truck so I had to wait for somebody to go open it. The batteries were also dead from them having it sitting there so long.

Mohamad Hudson

* * * * * Reviewed August 27, 2017

Did a great job, exactly what I wanted done. Gave me his professional advice on exhaust work for my Dodge Charger 5.7 Hemi, and it sounds fantastic. All at a reasonable price.

Isaac Sanchez

* * * * * Reviewed October 22, 2017

Affordable price and honest Tech's. Free estimates.

Marcus McIntire

* Reviewed August 11, 2017

First off, the company I work for uses this shop so that's the reason I had used them. My engine had made a loud noise, shuddered then died on the highway, I called my employer to let them know I would be late to work. I called a tow service to get it off the highway. My boss gave me the number to this shop and they picked it up the following day from where I had it towed to. Within 2 day's I was told I needed another engine and it would be ready by the end of the week. Instead it took a total of 5 weeks to get it. (Called every day after the first week, on the third week my boss called multiple times as well). I discovered today, nearly a full 2 years later, they rebuilt my original engine and passed it off as one they had bought from Jasper engine rebuilders! Really? (I had called Jasper and discovered that this shop has not bought this particular size engine in over 2 years). Thought something was a little strange when I asked for something stating it was a Jasper engine in case I had to have it repaired, they would not do so but told me they would send a truck out to bring it to the shop no matter where in the state I was at. He then started giving me all of these "discounts" because our company used his business. So when the time comes to replace your engine please remember to check your receipt for the engine rebuilders name and rebuild number. Finally, question the mechanic like there is no tomorrow because it will save you time and money in the long run.