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Recent Reviews

L Myles

* * * * Reviewed August 12, 2018

They did me right! Customer service is great. Red took his time explaining the process of buying custom wheels and easing my fears of a bad ride due to putting on performance tires. I like the way my car looks now.

Sheila Wesley

* Reviewed April 10, 2018

The gentleman that helped me initially was very nice however I was left for 30 mins without any assistance. Then when I finally went back to the front desk I was told the rims I liked would have to be ordered. Which was fine but the gentleman never came back to give me the price so I left!

Kenneth Ortega

* * Reviewed December 13, 2017

Purchased tires Sunday. Reason for a low rating: I was stranded, absolutely had to have tires since I had 2 blow outs on the way back into town. They suggested at 6:20p that I come back the next day since they had another job in front of me. I told them that was impossible, so they said they would work with me, which was nice of them. They did the job and although somewhat unprofessional as they seemed to poke fun at how they were mistreated for having to work past 7pm (even though it was still before 7pm), they were all fairly cordial, nice people. The big reason for a low rating is this. Not 3 miles from leaving their facility, my brand new tires were going flat very quickly. We stopped to air them up thinking they just forgot to fill them up all the way. I drove home in that condition and the next morning, the exact same result. Both installed tires were completely flat. How could it be possible that a professional tire shop would allow you to leave in such dangerous condition? I spent upwards of $500 on 3 Chinese tires from them. Granted their not the highest quality, but I certainly expected more life than 2 miles down the street. Bottom line: I actually really liked the folks working here, which is why they didn't get 1 star. However, I couldn't in my right mind shop there again since the quality of work carelessly put my wife and I in yet another horrible circumstance. Awful experience.

Keyvon Auto

* * * * * Reviewed May 9, 2018

This place is a day one day open I know that they are great people great family all brother work hard and take care of the customers thanks all of you


* * * * * Reviewed June 6, 2018

They are like Family! I have done the majority of my car business here, and they work with me. They are honest and reliable!