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Recent Reviews

J Wolf

* Reviewed August 30, 2018

I have had a few experiences here now and will never return. First time I bought a set of tires from them. After installation, the vehicle was handling poorly so I had a tire shop down the road check the pressure. One tire was over pressurized to a dangerous level, according to that shop. Could have blown up easily and caused a wreck. Second time, I had a rotation and balance from them, recently. They left the back tires at a dangerously low pressure (35 instead of 75). They had ONE JOB! Rotate, balance and pressurize my tires!! I paid $30!! How hard is it to do that? Jeez! I'll be taking my and my families business (6x cars total) to discount tire in Kerrville from now on.

Mary Longoria

* * * * Reviewed July 15, 2018

Felt like a family owed bussiness. Great customer service over the phone & in person. I have already recommended them on a few different occasions. I'll definitely use them in the future.

Jason Music

* * * * * Reviewed May 1, 2018

Patrick and his family have always been a huge help to me when I've been in need of good used tires, new tires or just a repair. Thank you for everything you guys do.

Renee Torre

* * * * * Reviewed February 19, 2018

The 3-4 times we have been there have yet to get a bad used look almost new every time. Great price and fast service!

J. M. Stewart

* * * * * Reviewed December 27, 2017

These guys came through in a pinch, even stayed open late to help me out. Long trip home was rescued and in a hurry. Just a "down home" family business, that remembers the importance of customer service. Thank you!