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Dan Kleymenov

* * * * * Reviewed November 10, 2017

I RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO EVERYONE, EVEN MY OWN MAMA. I've been coming here for going on 2 years now driving from all the way North Ft. Worth because of there expertise and customer service. I have never been disappointed with them. I have had trust issues with a lot of other shops that are dishonest they try to rip you off but with this place, I come with my mind at ease because they are honest, family owned, hard working and will always get a good price. I will be coming back.

Dan A

* * * * * Reviewed October 27, 2017

They plugged my flat tire, filled it up, and re-installed it in under 15 minutes, and it only cost me $10. The waiting room is clean, quiet, and spacious -- no annoying music etc. The prices they charge for the major types of work they perform are listed in bold letters on a large sign behind the counter. I will recommend these guys to friends and family in the Garland, Richardson, and Plano areas.

Corina Terrell

* * * * * Reviewed April 12, 2017

My family has been coming here for years (mom, dad, brother, sister and myself). We are always treated well and can TRUST that we will get a great deal. We have shopped around on deals and always come back because the prices are always more than fair. The quality of work is always great and being treated like family is a bonus. Would recommend.

R. Lil

* Reviewed July 13, 2017

Roberto use sarcasm when you ask him questions. That creates a dis.. easment, well it did for me. I came into DFW Discount tire to see if they could check, my car to see why it's over heating and wouldn't (in July, hottest time of the year) stay crank. He says we'll it depends. 1. If it's electrical its 75 2. If it's something else it's 45 (Not bad right) so I'm like ok he didn't answer my question... It was stated that it's over heating and won't stay crank. He casually went back to look at his computer, never gave me an answer. From the discription that I gave him I thought he might know what he needed to check he's the mancanic. He has a God, complex. So I stood there for some seconds and this is little after five so that's a busy time for them so I was in no rush. I was expecting him to say ok we're are your keys and I'll check it out when, or after the 3 customers I have ahead of u are something. It never happened. He wanted to argue maybe? So I left... I set out in the parking lot to wait for a tow... Truck..Roberto, wanted to turn something simple into an argument. It's a busy place might have good service, but Roberto is questionable stay away from him... Don't let him push you into something. While waiting in the heat under a shaded tree for the tow truck, the manager came out to apologize for Robertos' behavior... He stated Roberto is a good guy and that he has worked for him 13 years so if he angers one or two customers, no big deal that's why he is tolerated. I told I could see he's a good guy on a certain level, but when it comes to getting your car fixed, he's not trust worthy.

angela tillis

* * * * * Reviewed June 10, 2017

I highly recommend this place because they are honest, courteous, quick, efficient, and quality work. We love this place and have been coming for years when we need tires.