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Recent Reviews


* Reviewed July 22, 2018

Took my truck about 2 month ago to get 2 used front tires. About a week after having the use tire installed on my truck my wife was driving next to me on a different vehicle and notice that one of the tires was wobbly. When I got home I'd remove the tire and notice they have add it a thick washer to the lug nut bolt front tire. (Both sides) why? I am guessing so they can wear out quicker and would have the need to go back and buy more tires. What a shame ! Shady business. Will never go there again! Beware!!!!

Brian Cedric Jones

* * * * * Reviewed July 30, 2018

Good customer service. Fair pricing.

Steven Bull

* * Reviewed December 21, 2017

They charged me $280 for new catalytic converters, thus turning ON my "check engine" light! For the next whole year! I had to fix the problem. Glad I can fix cars. Only 2 guys speak english. Get my message?

Chelsea Phillips

* Reviewed November 19, 2017

Do yourself a favor and find a reputable place to get an inspection. My father took his truck for inspection and was immediately failed for emissions test. He cleaned his fuel injectors with 2 bottles of stuff and took it back. They failed it again and suggested he could pay a higher price to pass!!! He knew that was shady and took it to a shop in Rockwall who tested it and it PASSED without any negative marks. Rockwall told him they couldn't see any reason it would have failed. Skip this place!

Soufiane Fallah

* Reviewed January 3, 2018

They straight up lied to me!! Had them plug a tire that had a leak and asked them to adjust the tire pressures to 35 PSI on all tires. The guy came back and said its done they are all around 35-36 PSI and not to pay attention to the TPMS because it may not be accurate. Got it the truck and noticed the TPMS reads 44PSI on the front passenger tire and 29 on the 3 other tires. Drove the truck for a few miles and the TPMS maintained the same readings. Got home and checked all tires with my gauge and it backed up the TPMS reading. So they did NOT adjust the tire pressures to what I had asked but yet they LIED and said it was done!!!! I can't tolerated being lied to. If C&M has an explanation for this, I'd love to hear it. What a shame!!