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Nique Loving

* Reviewed October 31, 2017

They tried to get over. Told me it would be $12 each to balance 2 of my tires. I called around and it's $25 to balance all four tires. Will not be returning.

Sweet Yeyo

* * * * * Reviewed December 9, 2017

I thought I had to get my tired patched up. The guy came back out and said he cleaned the rim from inside because it was dirty that's why it was leaking about air. He did not charge for the service. He was nice and polite

Creative Mastermind

* Reviewed August 21, 2017

Never do business with either one of these establishments. They claim to have good service but can't make good on there work. I brought three tires in to be mounted and put on. All three get a huge knot in the tire. I check the tire pressure and it's way over the limit. I bring the truck back and no one wants to help me out now. They wouldn't even make good and give me a used tire. They placed all the blame on me when they over inflated my tires.

Guillermo H

* * * * * Reviewed August 19, 2017

Cheap work and very good quality. A good example would be that I went to another tire shop because my driver side tire had low air and I had been replacing it for days and the guy that checked it out said it was perfectly fine. So I went to three bears and the guy said the tire had a nail, how did the other guy not find the nail. These guys do great work

Yanin Garcia

* Reviewed August 23, 2017

Don't go waste your time here! This people are rude ,no customer service at all! And their services are poor. My car was working for the first day then by the next day everything was the same. If you want to get a good deal their is more to search!