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Recent Reviews

Mirna Masri

* * * * * Reviewed May 1, 2018

I was having a problem with my back left side tire that kept going low, and had taken it to a big name tire shop- they proceeded to tell me I needed all new tires. I feel like I just bought new tires?? So, I took my car into Khaled- and he immediately found nails in my back tire and repaired it- and looked at my other tires and told me they are still in great condition. Being a female that has no expertise in tires- I feel like I would have bought new tires under the recommendations of “the other guys”- having said that- I’m glad I got a second opinion. I haven’t had a problem with my tire pressure since!! Thank you guys for being honest with me and helping me!!!

Sharon Washington

* * * * * Reviewed April 23, 2018