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Recent Reviews

james buzbee

* Reviewed July 10, 2018

If you want an estimate that's going to be double what anyone else will charge these people are the ones to see. They will go out of there way to show you out the door and smile will doing it. I have no idea why I stop by here sometimes... Maybe to remind myself that there is always a worse place to go. The only joy of this place is being able to play fetch with the black lab they have running around the store. How these people are still in business is beyond me. Every time I've ever walked into this business if I'm able to even get the attention of the person on the sales floor they are down right insulting... I guess I'm not dressed in clothes that say I spend money. Maybe if I went in wearing a suit and tie they'd act like they care. I'll just go to Bonnie and Clyde auto for my customization needs as they greet you and work with you to make sure you get what you want without making you feel worthless. Wow and now I'm being belittled by the owner himself, that just goes to show you how much of a lowlife the owner and his business are. Don't worry I won't be back to your pathetic shop when there is so much better out there with reasonable prices that's just as good and better than your workmanship. This is a factual review left by a real life potential customer.

Alfred Huang

* * * * * Reviewed July 2, 2018

I don't post reviews much, but I had such a smooth experience at JR's that I just had to say something. About 3-4 months ago, I had a mishap with my SUV and damaged 2 of my custom chrome 26" rims. They were too badly damaged to repair. In an effort to save money, I tried to purchase some used rims from a different local wheel/rim company. I have had nothing but trouble since. I decided to try JR's. Gary was very helpful, and very patient with me. I honestly had a very difficult time deciding what I wanted. After showing me many different options. He showed me a set of rims in a color and style that I had not even thought about at a price point that was even better. I decided to trust his opinion, and it really paid off. My SUV has a great new look, and I really love it. They were even able to replace a broken interior door panel for me. They let me use a loaner car, and were able to get the job done way faster than I anticipated (in just a couple of hours). They are a hard act to follow. They make the experience almost too easy. I don't know why I never came here sooner. Be assured that I will definitely come here again.

Kunal Patel

* Reviewed July 24, 2018

I bought rims here and no one had any idea the size that fit my cars and gave me all same for front and back. Also they were too careless to see the bigger tires goes in back and instead put them in front. I drove like this for 8 months until I went to discount tires and they notified me of the tires and wheels. Very dissatisfying and disappointed.


* * * * * Reviewed February 19, 2018

Amazing service. Fast turnaround on custom work. Was waiting for an issue or delay in quoted time, but actually they finished ahead of schedule. Class act. Will be doing business with them again. Thanks Joel!

Aubrey Orwig

* * * * * Reviewed May 9, 2018

Great staff and awesome shop. Best place to take your vehicle.