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Prem Egade

* Reviewed July 7, 2018

Worst place and worst person. Dont ever go, i beg you. They just dont care about your life. You take your car for some issues and i am pretty sure after coming back home you will realize you have more serious issues now. Very rude and insults you. I am damn sure someday he will land up in jail for his behavior and cheating customers. Specially Students please be aware. Spend few bucks more but have things done professionally and legally.


* Reviewed July 7, 2018

Really bad place .I will never recommend this place to anyone..me and my friend had the worst experience ever. The owner behave so rudely to everyone and always says I am busy ..I am busy. FIRSTLY , if you are so busy..and cant cater the customer needs you shouldn't have the shop open or run the place. SECONDLY, I visited 4M for car alignment and did mentioned it to the worker and the owner that one of my front car tire had a loose nut and he should tighten it. I am not sure what kind of work they did..neither the car was aligned nor the nut was tighten and in fact when I reached home..I lost that nut and the owner charged me $50 for no work done. THIRDLY, my friend visited 4M to rent a car..he doesn't has any proper paperwork and creates fake paperwork. He gave my frnd a car with expired registration and when we protested abt it.. he just ripped off the sticker and told us to drive without registration..and told us don't mention it to cops that its a rental car...as we don't have rental authorization. THIS PLACE IS A RIPOFF..NEVER GO THERE .THE MOST DISHONEST KIND OF PPL I HAVE EVER MET.

Rohit V

* Reviewed June 28, 2018

Worst Customer service. If you go to this shop, the shop owner will say "Since you don't have money, you come here". You can understand the service from these words. Everything is overpriced. Stay away from this place. I wont recommend this place to anyone.

Nicole Pierce

* * * * * Reviewed May 22, 2018

I have been taking my car to 4M Tires for over 15 years. Great place! Always recommend to family and friends.

Lynnette Edic

* * * * * Reviewed May 23, 2018

Best Place! If you want honest! Here is the right place to come! I have been a customer since 1985! Hugs to Ali!