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Recent Reviews

Servidores De JESUCRISTO

* * * * * Reviewed August 7, 2018

Need A Tire In Irving. Will's Is The Place To Go. You Won't Find Better Quality Used Tires For A Better Price. They Also Have NEW Tires Cheaper Than Anywhere I Know. Also Pretty Quick!

Amanda Welsh

* Reviewed September 17, 2018

Guys were absolutely rude, used tire is $30 and when we handed them 40 we only got 7 back ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜’ I know it's only $3 but who knows who else is being shorted like this


* Reviewed July 15, 2018

First off, the person I dealt with was so rude, secondly they tightened my lug nut so tight it broke off, I had to elsewhere to get it drilled out. A few more other issues, I would just avoid this place

Jin Kim

* Reviewed June 3, 2018

I want to first start by saying I've been a customer of Will's for over 10 years. I know sometimes things happen and there is a logic resolution for every situation. So i brought some wheels and tires to be mounted. The price was fair and they were able to get me in and out fairly quick. When i got home i realized there were lots of scruff marks and deep scratches all over my two front wheels. When i went back to the shop and told the worker Angel about the damages he provided a solution he could just paint over the scratches... of course i wasn't having that and told him that i wanted the wheels repaired. He told me that i would need to go speak with Will at his other location in Pioneer. Every customer hates going through loops when stuff goes down but hey i have to do what i have to do to get resolution. I drive to the Pioneer location and speak with Will.. This guy didn't even know what happened but Will is an awesome guy. He calls Angel and confirms what happened. Then he says leave the wheels with him and he'll take care of it. Awesome.. i do that and the wheels got fixed back to it's original condition. it was a nightmare but hey it's done and over with right? WRONG.. i was driving on the highway and noticed the car was shaking a lot if i were to drive above 60mph. So i do what anyone else does and looks up what could be the issue and the internet says either i have uneven tire wear, my rims are bent or the balance of my wheels are off. so i went straight back to the Pioneer location because Angel is not very helpful. Will was again very helpful and willing to check the balancing for free but there was a few people ahead of me and he said hey you can come back in an hour or go to the Shady Grove location. I decided not to wait and go to the Shady Grove location. There i explained to the worker (name not known) about the shaking and wanted to get the balance rechecked. So just to let you guys know the workers between Will's shop time to time will go to the other locations and the guy who original balanced my wheels was there. He explains to the guy i was speaking with and told him when he was balancing them my wheels were wobbling so they are probably bent. So the worker then tells me the wheels are already balanced and my problems are the wheels. I'm a VERY understanding person. if the wheels are bent then they might have been damaged under shipping.. It's very common and possible.. So i ended up leaving accepting the fact that i'm just going to have to live with this. The next day i wake up and i was like i'm going to get a second opinion. I went to a different tire shop and got the wheels re-balanced AND GUESS WHAT??? OMG no shaking!!!! What terrible is that Will himself is a good guy but he has some serious issues within his staff that misrepresents his name. unfortunately, i will probably never do business with him because of this and i hope he addresses this quickly. List of issues 1. Damaged 2 wheels and didn't tell me. 2. Worker Angel offers a unfair solution 3. Worker Angel send me to his boss Will for a better solution but doesn't even tell him what happened. 4. Will's employee who balanced my wheels supposedly saw an issue but didn't even tell me. 5. Will's employee refused to recheck the balance on the wheels.

RG Gomez

* * * * * Reviewed April 14, 2018

Come this place for years.. good pleople, very recommended for tires. ;)