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Recent Reviews

Chad K

* Reviewed April 24, 2018

Until now this has been my go to auto shop for all of my needs. Although they are a bit on the pricey side at times recently they have really turned me off. Brought my truck to them a couple of times over the past couple months to fix a coolant leak which another mechanic after they worked on it found another leak that they didn't find but i paid for. Second trip to these guys to fix my AC unit (which required a full dismantle of my dash and electrical system in that area) resulted in additional $430.00 of repairs to my Drone Mobile security system on my truck. Now anyone can see with ease the cameras, and alarm system that is installed in this truck and no mechanics prior to this has ever left my truck in this condition. Cameras not working and complete failure of my security system. I would assume I am like most people when you bring your vehicle in for service and pick it back up you are focused on making sure the issue was fixed and not looking for other things. Well not only was my Drone Mobile security system (main component/Brain fried but the fuses to my front and rear dash cams was toast also). Once I discovered these items where not working I brought it to the Company that installed them and they advised that someone working on my truck sent a power surge to these components and fried them. Well these guys at Mission Auto Care are the only ones that had worked on my truck prior to the discovery that these items where not working anymore. When I bring them the report of findings and the bill, with-out hesitation refused to deal with it and said sorry not our problem. At the end of the day I have spent a fair amount of money with these guys over the years and did not mind it at all because they had done good work in the past. I will definitely make sure that none of my vehicles ever go to them again nor anyone I know for that matter for not owning up to the mishap and making it right. Good Luck to those who use these guys, when they mess something up they will do their best to claim it is not their issue and send you on your way.

Tori Richards

* * * * * Reviewed May 17, 2018

I called this morning to see if Mission Car Care could get my car door mechanism fixed in the next week or so (dealerships & other mechanics were quoting 10+ days to fix it, so my hopes weren't too high). Kevin told me to bring it in and they would have the diagnostics ran in 2-3 hours. I brought it in around 1:30 PM and they had my car FIXED & READY TO PICK UP at 4:00 PM. Unbelievable. All in ONE day. Brett and Kevin were so nice and so helpful. Kevin explained the problem to me and answered my questions with a smile. Will 100% be coming back to them with all my mechanic/car needs. I highly recommend using Mission Car Care.

Sandy Porter

* * * * * Reviewed July 7, 2018

We have taken our vehicles here for years. They are honest and dependable. We wouldn't take or cars any where else. I highly recommend Mission Car Care !

gary bryant

* * * * * Reviewed June 29, 2018

This shop is great, very professional and friendly service. I highly recommend them as I will return here for service on my truck again.

Stephen Collins

* * * * * Reviewed July 31, 2018

Great fast professional service and great prices this is the place.