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Recent Reviews

Evonne Harlan

* * * * * Reviewed April 6, 2018

Just went there again a week ago. Great service decent prices and they let you know if anything doesn't look right or is missing in your wheel safety and health. After we had some work done(or so we thought) we went and replaced a tire on the side extensive amount of work was supposed to have been done only to find out that no where near was the work done that we paid for. It was band aided together and was very dangerous, thanks to the guy who changed out the tire we avoided a potentially life threatening situation. It has been addressed and we are waiting for it to be rectified at this time. Thanks Express Tire and Wheel.

Tamara Denning

* * * * * Reviewed June 6, 2018

Always a good deal. Reliable and consistent work. Its the ONLY place I go for tires.

Buck Laker

* * * * * Reviewed February 16, 2018

Don’t bother going to the big chain stores. Express sells tires they know to be proven. Support the Owner Operated shop. Buy the road hazard so the rotations are no charge (it pays for itself). It’s easy to swing in when you see the bays empty. They just installed my 4 new Goodyear’s in UNDER 24 minutes.

Keri Lawley

* * * * * Reviewed April 3, 2018

My favorite tire shop! Isaac has the best prices, service and hours of all the shops in our area. I've driven here regardless of where I live because the service is unmatched.

Mona Villalobos

* * * * * Reviewed July 13, 2018

Great and quick service......very detailed, friendly, good prices.