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Recent Reviews

Bianca Marvel

* Reviewed August 13, 2018

Absolutely ridiculous experience. Only positives were the guy at the front counter who was very friendly, and that the store was nice and clean. We waited in the store for two hours for one singular tire to be put on an existing rim. The tire was going to my boyfriend's car, which is currently in a ditch an hour away. After waiting, we went to the back side to see if the blown out tire had been touched at all. It hadn't. The technician came up to our car and we tell him what's going on, that we waited for two hours already. His response: "yeah, you're gonna be waiting two more. How about you go park up front." We then got a refund and went across the street to Mike's Tires and had it done in about 10 minutes for 40 dollars.

jimmy snyder

* Reviewed August 29, 2018

Bought tires from a Texas tire in euless came here because i had a nail in the side wall of my tire which Discount tire would not fix. Vince only would plug ny ny tire not replace it. Then I asked him to rotate my tires he was resistant to do so I explained where the wheel lock is and the couldn't find it exactly where it was. Horrible service I would not use them. Apparently texas tire wont warranty tires from other stores.

Richelle Gearhardt

* Reviewed July 9, 2018

Bought new tires,new rims and a lift for my brand new FordF150 last year. Come to find out the #1 the installed the back end backwards. #2 after the lift they get it aligned(part of the lift process) the alignment was done incorrectly and has worn my front tires down drastically. I went to talk with Vince about it, at first he said he’d make it right then later said I must have knocked it out of alignment and he would give me one tire and it’s out of his hands. I told him it’s very obviously because of the original job done on it because of the amount of wear on the tire. I ended up taking it to two different professional alignment places and the both said quickly it’s obviously from the original job done, it’s still locked into position and wouldn’t be if I had knocked it out of alignment. Also they both said it’s also obvious because the 2 white lines that they mark it after the alignment are still lined up. I took that information to Vince and he said “well, I don’t know what to tell you” I asked if he was going to make it right and he said no! I said see you in court. Sad you don’t stand by your work on your own without being forced into it. I’m starting with a demand letter as advised if I don’t get a response by the date included I’ll move on to small claims.. and we both know I’ll win easy. Richelle To your reply; first of all yes it was me that made the purchase, the truck is in my name and it was my card that paid for the service and my name on the paperwork. Second, it took a year to see the damage to the tires, I don’t drive it very much. How long it took and who you used to do the alignment is irrelevant. I paid you for a service and that service was done incorrectly and has cause damage. You could have stood by your work. The part you perceive as rude was the part after you kept saying “well, I don’t know what to tell you”. I point blank asked if you where going to take care of it and you said no. So I said I’ll see you in court. Since I left your place I have been to the Sam Pack Ford where I purchased the truck and the service tech looked at it and agreed with the two other places I brought it, the alignment you gave with my lift and tires was indeed the cause of the damage. The alignment marks are still in place and it has not been knocked out of the original alignment and is still locked in place. All three said they will write a statement to that affect. Third, our conversation didn’t end with me saying I was taking you to court.. it ended when you refused to do the right thing and fix the issue. Richelle

Dez'Tiny Chancellor

* Reviewed April 27, 2018

Came yesterday to get my mom’s speakers in the front of her car fixed and they stated they didn’t have the necessary parts, so they stated we should make an appointment for 12 and come back then next day (today) and that it would only take an hour. I’m still currently here and it’s been 3 hours. I got my speakers done here, which is why I recommended my mom... I will never come back here!

Corey Robinson

* Reviewed July 25, 2018

Folks here full of it. I ordered wheels 7/13 they hve never returned my calls and I was always told they on order. Watch out for this location!! I will never go back.