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Recent Reviews

Andy Doyle

* * * Reviewed February 1, 2018

We discovered my wife's tire partially deflated after being parked in the garage for two days and that a nail (or screw) was in the tire, near the tread center. My wife took the car in to McKinney Tire and Appliance and, after they inspected it, she was advised that the nail was in the tire wall and that it could not be patched, rather must be replaced. They didn't have the tire in stock. She left and took the car to the dealer where we purchased it. They found nothing in the tire wall. They removed the nail and patched the tire for free. After 5 days, the tire is not leaking air.

christopher glerup

* * * * * Reviewed September 24, 2017

This place definably isnt your normal auto shop. They sell trailer supplies, appliances, tires, and are a full service auto shop while providing financial options for every need. I have been here for auto inspections and trailer inspections and the staff was friendly and the mechanics were thorough in helping me. Understand what repairs were neccassary and which ones were not in order to get my inspection completed

Belva J Bell

* * * * Reviewed August 4, 2017

Great appliances and credit program. I got approved for $1100 with only $43 down. Walked away with a new TV AND 2 new tires with money to spare!

Jayne Wolfe

* * * * * Reviewed January 5, 2018

Very helpful, delivered within the hour of our purchasing.

Marcos Amaya

* * * Reviewed July 6, 2017

Was good, but it took a min. And they say they need a tire tech.