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Ruby Moreno

* Reviewed September 18, 2017

Scammers!! This place took payment of $2,500 from us. We proof of our transaction. We have a receipt from their business as well. We took our car in months ago to get repaired. They charged us $2,500 to fix our car and we waited and waited for "parts to come in." Finally we went up to his local shop to check up on the car and nothing was done to the car. The owner claimed the "mechanic" that charges us had left and that he was not responsible for the car anymore. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO COME TO THIS LOCATION.

Maegan Newman

* * * * * Reviewed December 7, 2017

This place is awesome!!! Great customer service and Fair. I'll definitely be back.

Jennifer Mcnair

* * * * * Reviewed July 7, 2018

Quick in and out service!!

Christopher Harvey

* * * * * Reviewed November 4, 2016

What an excellent business to deal with. We couldn't be happier with their professionalism, expert knowledge, and fast service as well as the price. We needed an alignment and new tire and the work was done in about an hour and a half and we were on our way again. And to top it off...friendly.!

MaX B_e_a

* * * * Reviewed March 24, 2018

Good tires and servises