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Recent Reviews

Bryan Karlan

* * * Reviewed August 14, 2018

My experience was with the previous owner, and he was very nice but the staff was a bit inept. However, they have changed ownership recently and I've heard it's better.

Heather Cagle

* Reviewed May 12, 2018

DO NOT USE THIS SHOP ABSOLUTE TRASH Bunch of liars i’ve had family and friends use them an let’s just say I wouldn’t take them my son’s tricycle Honestly no joke Walmart is better. Long time prosper resident

Amanda Gresham

* Reviewed August 30, 2017

Would not do business with manager Toby Marvin. He is a quick tempered person that has no respect for anyone. The owner of this business should definitely rethink their decision to employee this man.

James Balla II

* * * * * Reviewed February 6, 2016

Having just moved to Prosper, I was looking for an atmosphere that I could entrust my two trucks would 'Prosper' in - pun intended. They are both my first love, next to my significant other. After reviewing OTHER local businesses, I decided to venture to Bumper-To-Bumper. I only wish that a company as fantastic as Bumper-To-Bumper were present near my previous residency. Issa - the Owner - and Mike - the Service Manager, are two very honest, and very trustworthy individuals. I visited with one objective: to have my recently purchased truck inspected thoroughly, top-to-bottom and in-and-out - a "Used Car Inspection" if you will. I was able to leave it with them as long as they needed, and they provided me with a "Good, Bad, & Ugly" - which is exactly what I was after. They didn't force any repairs or sales pitches at me, and were genuinely concerned with my safety in regards to driving my truck. They told me what needed to be replaced now, what would need to be replaced sooner than later, and what needs to be replaced whenever the opportunity strikes. If you find yourself looking for an actual MECHANIC - not just a "Parts Swapper" - then I would ask that you consider Bumper-To-Bumper at least once, if not repeatedly.You will not be disappointed. I've been in the retail management business for 7+ years, and it's not uncommon that the human race only complains; very seldom do individuals speak to the satisfaction and content of a business. That is what I aim to accomplish with this review.

Jason Martin

* * * * * Reviewed April 29, 2017

Always take care of me and very honest ! The only mechanic I go to if your in area a must !