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Recent Reviews

Joe Barrington

* Reviewed October 17, 2017

Was told it was going to be $100 for alignment. He said normal price was $89 and that the $10 extra was for parts "shims". Went to check out and the total was $100 plus $8 for parts plus $2 for hazardous materials. The whole front end was brand new what hazardous materials could he have disposed of. I decided to give them the chance to make it right. Gave them a call and asked the price of a front end alignment for a early model GM car and was told again $100. I asked if that was $100 with parts or $100 plus parts or shims. Was told again no just a hundred for everything. Told him ok that was the exact same thing I was told Friday but at check out it was $100 + $8 parts + $2 for hazmat. He said sorry about that and for me to come up there and they would look over ticket and take care of it. So I drove back up there to have their story change again. Was told that the alignment was $100 and the $8 parts fee was actually a "shop fee" and that the $2 hazmat fee was for grease and clean up chemicals. I greased the whole front end for the 1st time 15min before I took the car to him and I also watched him do the whole job. The chance to make this right was turned down and in return they rubbed my face in the mud a little deeper. It would have cost them $10 to make this right the loss of my business and the business of anyone who reads this review will cost lots more and that is just bad business. I own 3 vehicles and service 6 more family cars that will no longer do business there. Yes all over $10, bite me once shame on you bite me twice shame on me.

Benjamin Alderson

* * * * * Reviewed October 25, 2017

Quick and efficient service with reasonable prices and a comfortable waiting room.

H Glenn Knight

* Reviewed December 8, 2017

They told me I needed $600.00 worth of front end work. It needed $5.00 bushing and $10.00 labor.

Mary Eisenhauer

* * * * * Reviewed June 9, 2017

Extremely kind, great service! Will definitely return.

Matt Michaels

* * * * * Reviewed April 16, 2016

Honesty and great service. I took in my P.O.S 2001 Hyundai Elantra in today. I thought it needed a alignment. Not only did they manage to work me into the busy Saturday schedule, but after a test drive they said it didn't need it. The issues it had where not alignment related and they didn't want me to waste my money. He could have easily made some easy money off me and chose to be honest instead. That deserves a good review in my opinion.