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Recent Reviews

Mike Alonso

* Reviewed July 23, 2018

Traveler beware!! I was driving thru Vernon on Saturday May 26th at about 7:30 am with a bad tire on my 20’ gooseneck flatbed trailer. I stopped, knocked on the shop office door and when the attendant opened it he looked at me as if I was bothering him. He promptly told me it was gonna cost $150 just to open the shop up. When I asked him how much for a couple of tires he walked over to my trailer and said $250 per tire. I replied “you’re crazy and will drive it to Amarillo on the rims before I pay that”. I went over to Walmart across the freeway and got prompt courteous service and a set of four heavy duty tires with lifetime road hazard/balance (like “real” tire shops offer) for $503. THANKS WALMART!

Timothy Michalk

* * * * Reviewed April 25, 2018

Versatile and easy going. They have a place for two 18's st a time and right off the highway convenient.

Sue Sij

* * * * * Reviewed January 18, 2018

Took truck tire in due to slow leak, Had screw in tire, Tire repaired but still had slow leak but there was nothing in tire tread. Worker exanmined tire using soapy water application. Nothing showed up. Then he examined the valve stem... there was a small leak eminating from the valve seat. This was replaced and fixed the problem at NO CHARGE! What can I say. Good company to do business with.

Slim Circles

* * * * * Reviewed August 1, 2018

Exellent service Bobby and Charlie do an amazing job

Don Wadsworth

* * * * Reviewed December 28, 2017

Great full service tire shop.. We were passing through and needed roadside assistance, they came right out and took care of business.. Quick professional service with fair prices..