1501 US 287 VERNON, TX 76385
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Recent Reviews

Timothy Michalk

* * * * Reviewed April 25, 2018

Versatile and easy going. They have a place for two 18's st a time and right off the highway convenient.

Sue Sij

* * * * * Reviewed January 18, 2018

Took truck tire in due to slow leak, Had screw in tire, Tire repaired but still had slow leak but there was nothing in tire tread. Worker exanmined tire using soapy water application. Nothing showed up. Then he examined the valve stem... there was a small leak eminating from the valve seat. This was replaced and fixed the problem at NO CHARGE! What can I say. Good company to do business with.

Don Wadsworth

* * * * Reviewed December 28, 2017

Great full service tire shop.. We were passing through and needed roadside assistance, they came right out and took care of business.. Quick professional service with fair prices..

Austin Orr

* * * * * Reviewed April 30, 2018

They showed up to work early and had my trailer spare mounted and out of the shop before their opening time. And cheaper than most truck stops

Ned Funnell

* Reviewed January 12, 2018

Took advantage of me on a road trip. I had a tire go out just before the exit for Vernon and limped into Brian's. Having Utah plates advertised that I was from out of town. The tire technician took a look at my tire, told me he'd grab a tire while across the street for something else. He did so, but without ever talking to me about options or cost- he was in the 'no customers past this point' part of the shop doing the work the whole time. He'd grabbed a more expensive tire (which I did not need) and mounted it without asking or talking to me at all. After mounting the tire, he re-emerged and told me it'd be $95- which I wasn't happy about, but he knew I was in a bind, out of town, and behind schedule- which is why I am sure he took the chance to force me into spending more money. Thanks for nothing!