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Recent Reviews


* * * * * Reviewed July 26, 2018

Professional and very courteous staff. I had the fortune of using them through my job and was immensely satisfied. The work they do here is of high quality and meets and exceeds my expectations. Thank you guys.

Johnny Tittle

* * * * * Reviewed May 24, 2018

Best customer service I've received in years. These guys are a real standup company. I recommend them and I will continue using them from now on. Thanks for doing a grest job on my classic Mustang Fastback.

Raymond Medina

* * * * * Reviewed July 24, 2017

These guys have awesome customer service and did a fantastic job on my truck. Originally, I had taken my truck to China Spring Oil and Lube for an alignment, but turns out nothing was done to my truck. (As I had suspected.) The guys over at C&C Collision showed me that there was no way China Spring Oil and Lube aligned the truck because the lower ball joints were bad. They jacked the truck up in front of me and I could see the movement in the ball joint. I highly recommend these mechanics. I went to them because I heard from good things about them. Turns out everything I heard was true.

Katie McGlothlin

* * * * * Reviewed September 27, 2017

This is Waco's superior collision center. They provide the most professional service and repairs at very fair prices. Quick turnaround, too, and very communicative. I'm going back for some Rhino Lining.

jennifer bronson

* * * * Reviewed February 2, 2017

I asked for a quote for body damage to a vehicle. They were prompt, polite, and referred me to a different shop for assistance with a brush guard that could provide a better price! What more could you ask for.