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Chris & Brandi Chance

* * * * Reviewed December 23, 2017

They were promt and attentative. Had the larger size tires in stock that I needed. It did take a couple of hours longer than they had originally quoted. Customer service is great.

Durant Gavilanes

* * * * * Reviewed December 22, 2017

Best prices and excellent service.. The guy Pat wright was amazing very fast and reliable service..

Darnell L.

* Reviewed September 24, 2017

Went there for them to fix a commercial lawnmower tire. Frist time took them 3 days to fix it. Next time I told them to put a tube in side the tire , they come back and said they patch the tire because they didn't have a tube and it would hold , yea it held for two hours , took it back and ask for my money back if he didn't have tube. Now he told me he got tubes coming, i said when cause I need it fix now he told me saying I'm going to give you your money back but don't bring them kind of tires back here any more. No more will I ever go back their again.

Karyn L

* Reviewed August 18, 2017

Mike does not always do what he says, as 1 of the previous reviewers wrote, and the customer service was horrible. I will not be back and will make sure to deter anyone I know. I waited 45 mins, before he told me that the tires he ordered were not delivered yet. The tires were placed the next day and when I asked for a discount of the price, because of the wasting of my time, he took no ownership at all. It wasn't his fault and then he proceeded to make funny comments about my shirt, instead of addressing the problem. He was so unprofessional.

Maryia Yurhelevich

* * * * * Reviewed November 6, 2017

Great service and reasonable prices too! Whenever we need new tires or tire repair, this is our go to place