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Recent Reviews


* Reviewed July 23, 2018

Had a friend drop off their car for a state inspection at 6AM just for them to forget her car was even there. Even though they claimed they were working on another vehicle all day, I do not understand how that has anything to do with informing your customers PRIOR to closing that their vehicle would not be ready. Their response? "We may be able to get to it first thing tomorrow". The body language and nonchalant response was horrible. I will definitely not be coming to them for services.

James Higgs

* Reviewed March 24, 2018

This was the worst experience by far from a business I've ever dealt with. I took my 06 Lexus GS300 in to service a tire sensor light that I couldn't get to go out even though all of my tires had good air pressure. They first tried to get me to buy all 4 sensors but since I'm selling the vehicle I only wanted the bad sensor causing the issue replaced. It took them all day to finally get the sensor light out and from what I was told they had to purchase Lexus sensors instead of using their rewritable one. I ended up purchasing two sensors. I thought the issue was resolved only to wake up in the morning to find my tire flat and the sensor light didn't come on not to mention they left my trunk in shambles checking the spare tire for a sensor which it did not have. So they again was indicating that I may have needed to replace the other two so to keep them honest I said okay let's do it. I dropped my vehicle back off they again had it all day didn't call me didn't keep me updated so I finally called about 30 minutes before it was time for business to close to their reply you can come and get your vehicle. So I get up there still didn't have my light out and they said they couldn't fix the issue. Mind you I have already paid them for the first two sensors to be done including labor. They didn't charge me for this second visit but my issue still wasn't resolved. So I took my vehicle up to the dealership who indicated that the sensors were programmed incorrectly so they corrected the issue and my vehicle is fine now so I took the receipt up from their findings to inform that the sensors were program incorrectly and requested a refund for their labor. The owner which is the old guy that's up at the counter was refusing to give me my refund and wanted me to call his distributor of his parts to my reply why do I need to call them. He indicated that they're the ones that did the coding oh the sensors and to speak with them in reference to what needed to be done. To my reply I said I don't need to speak with them I just need my refund for the labor that was done incorrectly. He still suggested that I call so I did and in speaking with his distributor they indicated that they don't do the coding and it's done by the business. So after going back and forth with the owner arguing with me I am formed that I was contacting the Better Business Bureau then I finally got my refund. Needless to say I would never ever go to this establishment nor recommend anyone to that establishment. I guess the only time you get good service is if you're buying tires there from looking at the review history.

Miller B.W.

* Reviewed July 21, 2018

4 / 20 in. tires for 500.00....can't beat it. Then I came in 1 month later to get a nail repair done, and they wouldn't even give me the air to go somewhere else. Said they didnt have the time to fill it with air....after I just bought all 4 of the tires from you.......really? Dont worry, went next door to davids tire, they came over to tire city lot filled my tire with air then fixed my tire....thanks davids!!!!

Laura Michele Vermeulen

* * * * * Reviewed May 1, 2018

Excellent service. Great prices. Trustworthy. And super nice! Highly recommend!


* * * * * Reviewed August 16, 2018

Came in with a blown trailer tire had me out in 15 min. Great service.