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How it Works

Why TreadHunter?

TreadHunter is a tire advertising service. We offer two packages for tire dealers. The TreadHunter Premium package allows unlimited tire listings, unlimited website traffic, access to the exclusive TreadHunter mobile app, your own website domain (like, and custom reporting options to help your business grow. The TreadHunter Standard package is absolutely free of charge to you. You will not be asked for a credit card to register.

Why use TreadHunter to help sell your tires?

  • Gives you an Internet presence with targeted marketing
  • Easily promote sales and specials
  • Targeted search engine experience
  • Customers can make reservations online to schedule an appointment

What is TreadHunter?

TreadHunter is a new service that connects tire buyers in your area to your tire store. By allowing you to easy advertise your tire inventory, potential customers can find your store and find the tire they need.

Consumers will search the internet and find your tires, and can view your installation charges, tire disposal fees, etc. to get an estimated final cost. Then they can request a particular installation time and date which you can approve online or through our mobile app (iOS or Android, Premium plan members only). They show up on the approved day and pay for their tires then.